Kaley Cuoco’s Secret Wedding Invitations

If you were surprised to hear that Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory, got married to Ryan Sweeting, then you’re not alone. Apparently, her guests were caught off guard too. How did she pull off the surprise wedding? Make the guests think they’re coming to a New Year’s Eve Party!

Here’s a look at her stylish invitation and save-the-date card that were sent to 150 guests:

Kaley Cuoco's wedding invitation disguised as new year's eve party invite

Courtesy of Copper Willow Paper Studio

The save-the-date innocuously asks the guests to reserve 12.31.13 for a fire & ice themed “New Year’s Eve with Kaley Cuoco” with invitation to follow. The invite then simply promises an evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing. There’s no mention of the word “wedding” or the groom’s name. Look closely, however, and you’ll see that she does give a few hints. First, the party is being held at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, CA, a venue that regularly hosts weddings. Second, the party calls for formal attire with the invitation requesting that guests “dress to the nines”. The invitation itself is quite formal, dominated by the colors black and silver with a splash of pink. That pink turns out to be the color of her wedding dress, a strapless Vera Wang. The decadent entree choices on the RSVP also hint of an extra special evening. Lastly, included on the invites were round labels with intertwining “K” and “R” initials.

Kaley Cuoco in pink Vera Wang wedding dress with groom Ryan Sweeting in black tux

Courtesy of Kaley Cuoco

Bravo on a clever wedding invitation and congratulations to Kaley and Ryan on their marriage!